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According to MD directive , all machines to be used in Europe must be up to the relevant standard, no wonder they are made in other countries or made in foreign country and sold to Europe. Besides, CE mark must be sticked on the machines, so as to indicate that the machine is answer for the safety standard, then they can legally be sold and used in Europe.

There are many experienced engineers who have rich experience in CE test and relevant testing equipments. Also, BCT has passed many authorization from The European countries such as British, Italy. BCT can supply excellent, professional service so as to make your products pass the CE authentication and easily spread in European market.

Projects that BCT conducts in CE authentication

1 different kinds of machine tool, punch, lathe, milling machine, drill press, grinder,

2 rubber and plastical machines, plastic-pouring machine, modeling machine, compressing and die-casting machine, cutting machine, muller,

3 wood worker, sawmill, multi-parcel fretsaw machine, digging machine, paring machine.

4 wrapping machine, encapsulating machine, airproof machine, container casing machine, labeling machine, load and unload machine.

5 printing machine, paper machine,

6 foodBCTff machine, cinfection and cake maker, paste maker, greenBCTff peeling machine, milling machine, cutting machine.

7 .leather machine, roller machine, finishing machine, shoemaking and tree machine, pressing machine.

8 farming machine, electomotion cropper, loading machine, pruning shears, BCTff-removing machine, flooding machine, cropper, rotovator, electomotion uproot, soiling machine, slurry tank car, incising and reversal machine, fertilizing machine, harvestry machine,

9 building machine, block making machine, sleek and dial machine.

10 engineering machine, bulldozer, nawy, crane, chain block, tractor, vibrating pile driver, digging machine, piping laying machine, tip lorry, shoveling machine, stabilizatiing machine, excavator.

11 tool machine, handhold electomotion tool, different kind of hammer, saws, spanner, muller, burnishing machine, round knife, planning knife, nailing machine, pruning machine, drill, planer,  figure machine, removal electromotion tools, fretsaw, desk grinder.

handhold non-electromotion tools: driving tool, cutting machine, aiguille, drill, polishing machine, compressing f\drive tools, cutting machine,

12 household machine, electron cropper, electro-cookroom machine, commercial and industrial automation,

13 other machines, industrial washing machine, pringting and dyeing machine, hardware machine, electrical light machining, laser machining, industrial truck, industrial heat treatment equipment.

machine CE TEST strength

1 There are several engineers who are rich in MD test experience, each of them has lot of succeed cases.

2 BCT is in possession of complete safety and EMC equipment, and has powerful strength, can supply the devices with LVD and EMC test.

3 BCT has gained many authorizations from several EU org., of which the certificates can be obtained by through BCT.

apply for the machine CE authentication in BCT

Pls fill in the application form first, includingdescription of machine, relevant ratings, pictures, etc. Then the salesperson deliver them to the engineer for check and confirm the series and the relevant standard.

charge in BCT

We charge from the client according to whether the machine is dangerous or not, the extent of the machine’s complexity (including the standard to be used), and kind of certificate.

Turnaround time in BCT

The turnaround time depends on the kind, complexity, places to be improved, series and process of the BCT. Generally speaking, The process of authentication lies on the speed of clients improving process. For industrial and engineering machines, our turnaround time is about 25 working days according to experience. And it is shorter for electromotion as well as household and similar machines.

flow of machine CE authentication

a, industrial, engineering machine CE authentication flow picture:


1 Engineers in BCT will go to the factory and train about the CE concept, relevant directive of products and safety requirement

2 For safety assessment to the current products in the factory, BCT engineers will check according to relevant directive (MD directive and LVD directive), normal requirement of sanitation and safety, as well as relevant safety standard, and put up suggestion to the BCT then compose the BCT Report.

3 Check the current technical documents for the factory, tick up the problems, and assist the factory’s enineer for improving the technical data.

4 complete preparing for the sample and the documents (each sere a sample and a set of documents )

BCT engineer conduct the test in the factory: checking the machine’s safety, safety test, noise test.

BCT engineers check the saples and then confirm the situation of its safety, and take photos submit to the bulletin org.

5 Our engineer cpmletes writing the TCF of CE safety technology.

6 Assist setting up correct, complete check out declaration.

7 Obtain the certificate through authentication

8 Guide sticking CE mark.

authentication flow of electronmotion tool, household and similar machine

As the volume and weight are low and small, it is required to deliver the samples to the lab for LVD and EMC test, according to relevant standard of MD., and then put up BCT suggestion. Technology needed must be supplied by the factory together with the lab, which the engineer will point out.


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