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The toy safely all has the strict request in the various countries:

The European toy standard


 toy product sells in European Union must conform to the following instruction requirement:

Toy safety instruction 88/378/EEC

 toy general standard EN71

 EN71 the Part 1 machinery and the physical performance tests

 EN71 the Part 2 flammabilities to test

 EN71 the Part 3 8 virulent metallic element content to test

 EN71 Part 4 chemistry experiment toy

 EN71 Part 5 non-experimental chemistry toy

 EN71 the Part 6 age groups to warn the label graphic symbol

 EN71 Part 7 points at pigment

 EN71 the Part 9 organic compounds to request EN71

 general the Part 10 sample preparations and withdraws

 EN71 the Part 11 organic matter compound analysis method


 electrically operated toy to attach test standard EN50088/EN62115

 this standard including all electrically operated toys, but also is suitable for the electric appliance structure installment (Electric Construction Sets), electric appliance function toy (Electric Functional Toys), or electricity test installation (Experimental Sets) EN the 50088/EN 62115 main examination contents include: The symbol and the explanation, the power input, the temperature rise and the unusual operation, the electric strength, the mechanical strength, the structure, the electric wire, the screw and the primary device, crawl the electricity to be away from and the electrical gap, the fire protection, heat-resisting, virulent as well as the similar harm and so on.

Electromagnetic compatibility instruction 2004/108/EEC
    Also needs to conform to the electromagnetic compatibility related standard regarding the electrically operated toy, including:
        Electromagnetic radiation (EMI): EN55022 EN55014-1 EN61000-3-2/3
        Electromagnetism interference rejection (EMS): EN55014-2

 wireless and communication terminal R&TTE instruction

    Regarding wireless remote control toy, example: Toy remote control automobile, model ship and so on, but also must carry on RF, EMC and An Gui according to the R&TTE instruction tests

the cadmium instruction test and the azo dyes test

    Cadmium test and AZO test


 US toy standard:

Toy security ASTM F963

 the “physics and the mechanical property test”

    ■ flame retardance test

    ■ the heavy metal content test (eight kind of virulent elements and lead total quantity tests)

electrically operated toy security ASTM F963 + B/0 test

 electrically operated toy electromagnetic compatibility FCC tests

 wireless remote control toy FCC to test

the Chinese toy standard:

    GB6675/GB19865 toy safety requirements

    GB9832 wool flannelette system toy security and quality

    GB5296.5 toy marking and operating instructions

Australia, New Zealand toy standard:

    AS/Nzs iso8124

Canada toy standard:

    Canada Hazardous Products (toys) Regulation   


The toy, the child thing, the present, export the European and American market also to have to tally

    ■ 91/157/EEC battery and accumulator cell instruction

    ■ 89/109/EEC and 90/128/EEC and food contact material

    ■ 94/62/EC packing and material instruction

    ■ 91/338/EC cadmium (Cadmium) instruction

    ■ 91/173/EEC pentachlorophenol instruction

    ■ 1999/815/EC PVC plasticizer prohibition rule

    ■ 2002/61/EC azo dyes instruction

    ■ 2002/95/EC the RoHS electron electrical equipment deleterious substance is forbid the instruction

    ■ 2002/96/EC WEEE abandons the electron electrical equipment instruction

    ■ in the PVC toy is forbid the phthalic acid salt content

    ■ color fastness test

    ■ as well as more .....

BCT took the toy, the present, the stationery and other child thing authority specialized examination organization, relies on the international leading equipment, the formidable technical force, specialized engineer the troop, the specialty provides each kind of toy, the child thing, the present test authentication service.

“has the competitive power test expense extremely, saves your exportation cost greatly

    ■ quick test service, 3-5 working day

    ■ the warm highly effective service is we obtains the up to ten thousand client base choice key

    ■ senior engineer troop, rich experience accumulation 

    ■ effective reorganizes the countermeasure to serve “


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